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What is Clutch Slipping and Why Does It Happen?

Clutch slipping happens when the disc joining your flywheel fails to catch. The result? Your engine doesn’t connect to the right gears and fails to reach maximum speed and power. By understanding the causes behind a slipping clutch and having the clutch slip diagnosed by clutch repair service experts, you

Our Guide to Maintaining Automatic Transmissions

The average vehicle owner knows to change their oil and oil filter every 7000 kilometers. They know to check their tire pressure and to rotate their tires to minimize wear. But we often find the automatic transmission is a mystery to most vehicle owners. Transmission repair work can be costly

Time for a Change? 4 Telltale Oil Change Signs

How often do you change your car’s oil? If you can’t remember the previous time you had an oil change, it’s probably been too long. When it comes to car maintenance, one of the most critical things you can do is keep up with regular oil changes, especially if you

Understanding Automatic and Manual Transmission Service in Aldergrove

Whether you’re seeking Automatic or Manual Transmission Service in Aldergrove, we can help. As mentioned on our Transmissions Service Page… ‘Automatic transmission repair is our number one specialty at Bob’s Driveline.  Our technicians are the best trained and most experienced in the industry.  Because we focus on transmissions, we have honed


WE DO THE HARD STUFF FOR EASY PRICES Bob’s Driveline specializes in repairing, maintaining, and customizing the vehicle components that other shops typically send out to dealers.  In fact, most dealers won’t even repair complex transmissions, they’ll either say you need a new one or they’ll send it out to a shop like

Signs That Your Automatic Transmission Needs Repair

Just imagining about your vehicle’s transmission is going bad – it causes your heart to skip a beat, doesn’t it? If the transmission fails, you’ve got a serious problem on your hands because fixing the transmission might cost more than the vehicle is worth!  It is a lot better to

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