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Signs That Your Automatic Transmission Needs Repair

Just imagining about your vehicle’s transmission is going bad – it causes your heart to skip a beat, doesn’t it? If the transmission fails, you’ve got a serious problem on your hands because fixing the transmission might cost more than the vehicle is worth!  It is a lot better to catch transmission issues early before they become major problems that require an overhaul.

So, the question arises; how you can tell if your transmission is going bad? Bobs Driveline offers the following list of things to check to determine if your transmission is working as it should.

Shift Quality

While driving, the shifting between gears in an automatic transmission vehicle should be silent and smooth. If your transmission makes noises or shudders when shifting, there may be a problem.  Other indications are harsh shifts or sloppy shifts.  You might also notice that the engine revs or flares between some gears.  If you detect any hesitancy or unusual engine rpm between shift points this is also a warning sign.

When you notice such signs, it’s important to have your transmission checked.  Bring your vehicle to Bobs Driveline, an Automatic transmission repair shop offering complete automotive care, service, and repair expertise.  We will inspect your vehicle, identify the problem, and advise what kind of transmission service or repair would be recommended.

Fluid Drips

If you notice that your vehicle is dripping fluid that is red in color, it is most likely transmission fluid.  Check the surface below where your vehicle is usually parked.  It might help to place a piece of white paper or cardboard on the ground under your transmission overnight.  If you notice even a few drops of red oil, you should have your transmission checked as soon as possible.  If your transmission fluid level is low, you may be able to add some yourself but don’t continue to drive long distances if you have any leakage at all.  Low transmission fluid is one of the fastest ways to completely burn out a transmission, which would then require an overhaul.  To avoid bigger problems, drive it to Bob’s Driveline, the highest rated transmission repair and service shop serving Langley and Abbotsford.

Fluid Color, Texture and Smell

Transmission fluid should be clear red in color, with no burned or sour smell, and when you rub it between your fingers it should be smooth and free of any particles.  If your transmission has overheated the fluid will be dark and smell smoky.  If the fluid looks milky it may have contamination from water or other fluids in the vehicle such as engine coolant.  If the fluid is black or contains tiny black particles this may be a sign of excessive wear of the internal friction plates in the clutch packs.  If the fluid contains small metallic particles it will look sparkly and feel rough.  This is a sign of internal component damage.

If you notice any of these factors with your transmission fluid, it’s a good time to get your vehicle in for transmission service and diagnosis

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