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Aldergrove Vehicle Maintenance: 4 Auto Maintenance Myths Worth Knowing

Although maintenance plays an imperative part in securing the safety and lifespan of your vehicle; there are some maintenance myths worth knowing. As an Aldergrove Vehicle Maintenance specialist, we want to share these top 4 with you to help you save time and money, without foregoing safety.

4 Auto Maintenance Myths Worth Knowing

1. Your Oil Should Be Changed Every 5000km

Where this can be the case for older model vehicles or those that utilize their vehicles for hauling and long trips on mountain passes, newer model vehicles can last anywhere from 8000-12,000km.

2. Independent Auto Shops Nullify Your Warranty

Your vehicle’s warranty is not dependent on where you have your vehicle serviced. Although your auto dealership will try and make a case for the importance of having it serviced with them; often times their service comes at a premium. Independent auto service centres are both equipped, and often more affordable, while keeping your warranty perfectly intact

3. Replacing All Your Tires is Imperative

Having to replace all 4 tires when a single tire is too damaged to repair, is a costly ordeal. This can be avoided depending on the quality of your remaining tires, and is worth the conversation with your mechanic.

4. Transmission Fluid Needs to Be Changed Every 80,000km

Again, when it comes to newer model vehicles, most can manage twice this range. Every vehicle varies, and is based too on how the vehicle is being used. Your vehicle’s manual will provide you with the recommended transmission flush intervals – which Bob’s is happy to provide!

As discussed on our blog post BOB’S DRIVELINE MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS:

For vehicles not towing heavy trailers or equipment, servicing your driveline every 50,000km is standard. Keeping the fluid changed regularly will ensure any checks for leaks or damages are conducted, as well as keep your gears, chains, bearing, shafts – and other moving parts, protected and running as they should.

Aldergrove Vehicle Maintenance: Our Powertrain Repairs Include…

  • Flywheel Replacement
  • Brake Service
  • Chassis Lube
  • Complete Driveshaft Service
  • Differential Service
  • Filter Replacements
  • Flywheel Resurfacing
  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Pack CV Joints
  • Pack Wheel Bearings
  • Power Steering
  • Power Steering Flush
  • Rebuild / Replace CV Axles
  • Manual Clutch Replacement
  • Street Rod & Custom Car Specialist

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