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WE DO THE HARD STUFF FOR EASY PRICES Bob’s Driveline specializes in repairing, maintaining, and customizing the vehicle components that other shops typically send out to dealers.  In fact, most dealers won’t even repair complex transmissions, they’ll either say you need a new one or they’ll send it out to a shop like

Signs That Your Automatic Transmission Needs Repair

Just imagining about your vehicle’s transmission is going bad – it causes your heart to skip a beat, doesn’t it? If the transmission fails, you’ve got a serious problem on your hands because fixing the transmission might cost more than the vehicle is worth!  It is a lot better to

Does Your Vehicle Need Differential Service or Repairs?

Every vehicle has at least one differential. It’s a marvelous mechanical device that transfers power from the motor to two wheels at the same time, but allows the wheels to turn at different speeds if necessary.  Whenever you drive around a corner your outside wheels travel a slightly greater distance

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