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Differential Repairs in Aldergrove: How They Work & Why They Matter

Bob’s Driveline delivers expert transmission and transfer case repairs in the Fraser Valley, as well as differential repairs in Aldergrove at our convenient 31st Avenue location.

When it comes to the diagnostics, service and repair of your powertrain system, whether for your daily commuter vehicle, oversized work truck or delivery van, luxury vehicle or even recreational vehicles – we are the trusted powertrain tech team to see!

Differentials: How They Work & Why They Matter

Driving.ca breaks down the basics of differentials in a way anyone who’s had a childhood – can relate to…

If you’ve ever played with a Hot Wheels car, and of course you have, you know the toy does a great job of going in a straight line but doesn’t turn very well.

That’s because it doesn’t have a differential. Your vehicle does, however… what type of differential you have, and even how many, depends on what you’re driving.

The simplest and most common unit is the open differential, called that because the wheels can always turn independently of each other. Its main drawback is that if one wheel doesn’t have traction, such as if it hits ice, it still gets lots of power. It spins helplessly, and you go nowhere.

All differentials get you around a corner, but some do it better than others. A vehicle with torque vectoring sends a little more power to the outside wheel. This “pushes” the vehicle into the curve, and reduces understeer so the turn is tighter.

We go much more into depth on our differentials service page, explaining areas such as:






As well as differential service recommendations.

Differential Repairs in Aldergrove

Our driveline services extend to specialized differential care, including…

  • Maintenance & Adjustments
  • Repair Damage
  • Change Gear Ratios
  • Upgrade Torque Capacity
  • Align Drive Angles
  • Custom Design and Build

If you are having issues with your differentials, or are unsure what the mechanical concern may be with your vehicle, we can help. Contact us by phone at (604) 856-8816, visit us at 27545 – 31 Avenue in Aldergrove, or fill out our online form here.

We look forward to helping you drive away feeling confident in your auto care investment!

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