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What Does a Transmission Rebuild Involve?

Technician in blue uniform underneath vehicle repairing transmission.

While proactive transmission maintenance can help keep your vehicle in effective running condition, there will come a time when your transmission is no longer performing as required and either not worth the repair costs or cannot be repaired. In these cases, owners are left with two choices: buy a new vehicle or consider a transmission rebuild. In some cases, a transmission rebuild is a great option. 

To help you assess the potential value of the transmission rebuild process and determine whether it’s the right choice for you and your vehicle, this post will involve the steps involved in a comprehensive transmission rebuild.

The Transmission Rebuild Process Includes the Following Steps

Disassembling the Transmission

Your transmission service team begins by removing the transmission safely from the vehicle and then disassembling all parts of the transmission in the shop.

Cleaning the Components

After taking the transmission apart, your service team will clean each individual component with a number of chemicals to remove debris and any contaminants.

Parts Inspection

After cleaning each of the individual components of the transmission, the team will conduct a comprehensive inspection and analysis of parts performance. Clutch plates, seals, gaskets, solenoids, and all connections will be inspected carefully. 


As part of the rebuild process, the service team will begin modifying the transmission parts to correct any performance and safety problems. This is often the case when there have been improvements in transmission performance since the vehicle was manufactured. Your service team will update the components to improve operational lifespan. 

Installation of the Rebuilt Transmission

Finally, at the end of the rebuilding process, the updated and rebuilt transmission is integrated back into your vehicle. During the installation, the service team will update the fluid and conduct any final checks on the transmission to ensure it’s running flawlessly

Vehicle Checks

After they’ve checked the transmission and ensured all parts are connected and operating, your service team will then test drive the vehicle to assess the transmission’s driving performance. In some cases, they may have to adapt your vehicle’s onboard computer to the attributes of the new transmission and calibrate the system to ensure the transmission runs efficiently. The service team will also run diagnostic checks for any code read errors.

When Should I Consider a Transmission Rebuild?

Now that you know a bit more about the rebuild process, you may be considering the relative value of the rebuild service for your vehicle. Let’s explore a few situations in which you might consider a rebuild:

  • You want to extend the lifespan of the vehicle

If the transmission is the only major component requiring repair and you want to extend the lifespan of your car or truck, then a rebuild may be the right choice for your budget. Rebuilding the transmission costs far less than buying either a new or used vehicle. 

  • To reduce vehicle downtime

Rebuilding a transmission can also reduce the amount of downtime you face without the vehicle. Fleet operators, for example, might select a transmission rebuild rather than having to wait to order a new or used transmission. Complete transmission replacement can take a month or more while the rebuild process can be completed in days by a skilled Red Seal transmission repair shop technician.

  • Rebuilding can be better than repair in the long-term

In some cases, repair work on a transmission will cost you more in the long-term rather than the one-time expense of the rebuild. Repairing and replacing components such as gaskets, seals, and clutch plates can add thousands of dollars to your monthly vehicle maintenance bills while a rebuilt transmission could go several years before requiring further maintenance.

Bob’s Driveline: The Local Langley Experts for Transmission Rebuilds

For quality transmission performance and exceptional workmanship, turn to Bob’s Driveline for your transmission rebuild. We’re the trusted authority for all transmission-related services and have the highest quality components, and decades of experience to ensure your machine runs to peak performance. 

To speak to an experienced Red Seal transmission service technician about your options, call our transmission service team today.

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